Rescuing Lacey

The climate isn't the only thing in Costa Rica that's hot.


When tough battle-scarred photojournalist-turned-wildlife-photographer Lacey Sommers travels to Costa Rica in a last-ditch effort to save her job, she meets beach-bum-gorgeous Luke Hancock, an outdoor guide, environmentalist and expert on economics and sustainability, who’s been hired by her magazine to serve as her pilot and wilderness guide for the duration of her stay.

It’s clear from the outset there is a powerful physical attraction between the two, but strong personalities, pre-conceived notions, an unexpected and contentious family connection, and the scars from a tragic death and a terrifying event threaten to keep them apart.

Will Lacey shed the mantle of Kevlar she’s worn for so long and allow Luke inside her heart? Or will her ostensible strength be her downfall?




In addition to the lush settings, an endlessly amusing cast of characters awaits readers inside Rescuing Lacey. 

The pages are full to bursting with good humor and real, heartwarming relationships. ~ Home Magazine


Rebecca Heflin not only writes wonderful characters, her descriptions of Costa Rica are rich and vibrant, making one feel as they were there too.  Not only that, the sexual tension between Luke and Lacey is exquisite.  It grabs one by the throat and keeps the reader turning those pages! The story is a bit predictable, losing it half a star, but don't let that be a deterrent. This story is sweet at times, romantic and sexy at others and assuredly, well worth the read!!! ~ InD'tale Magazine


Every word used was carefully chosen to pull the reader into the story, piquing his interest more into checking the wonderful country out. If you are still deciding whether or not to spend a week in Costa Rica, this novel will make the decision for you. ~


This was a beautifully told story. I love it when an author can transport you to another place, another time -- something that requires so much description that they have to paint a picture for you like you've never been there. . . . The detail that she painted for me just flowed and there were times I felt like I was really there. ~ The Romance Reviews 



Winner, 2013 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence

Winner, 2013 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award

Award of Merit, 2013 Holt Medallion

Finalist, 2013 Published Maggie Award for Excellence

Finalist, 2013 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence             

Honorable Mention, 2013 Show Me Your Covers Contest