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Seasons of Northridge Series

Welcome to Northridge, Georgia, population 6023. Its citizens are happy to call it their home, and newcomers can't wait to make it their home. Come for a visit and stay awhile. Who knows . . . you might fall in love.
Cover Image A Season to Dance

A Season to Dance

Book One

December 13, 2018

A Season to Remember

Book Three

September 9, 2021

Cover Image A Season to Love

A Season to Love

Book Two

March 12, 2020


A Season to Give

A Christmas Novella

November 10, 2022

Samantha, Shelby, and Delaney are experts in their fields—but how much do they know about love? Three college professors learn passionate lessons in this boxed set of romances. 

Cover Image Romancing Dr. Love

Romancing Dr. Love

Book One

March 7, 2017

Cover Image Winning Dr. Wentworth

Winning Dr. Wentworth

Book Two

June 6, 2017

Educating Dr. Mayfield

Book Three

September 5, 2017

Dream Come True Series

Three friends pursue their dreams in the Big Apple, but the dreams they pursue may not be the dreams that come true.

Cover Image Ship of Dreams

Ship of Dreams

Book Two

Re-release March 11, 2021

Dreams of Perfection

Book One

Re-release July 9, 2020

Dreams of Her Own

Book Three

Re-release June 10, 2021

Stand Alone Books


Rescuing Lacey

Re-release January 13,  2022


The Promise of Change

Re-release June 8, 2023

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