Raspberry Cheesecake Parfaits

Who doesn't love cheesecake? This variation is the perfect end to a romantic meal. The dessert can be prepared ahead and refrigerated until ready to indulge.
•    1/4 c. ricotta cheese
•    1/4 c. cream cheese
•    2 tbs. sugar
•    1 c. raspberries
•    2 tbs. no sugar added seedless raspberry spread (such as Polaner's)
•    1/4 c. plus 2 tbs. vanilla wafer cookie crumbs (about 10 cookies)
•    2 tbs. Cool Whip
Combine the first 3 ingredients in a blender or food processor. Process until smooth, scraping the sides once. Set aside.
Combine raspberries and raspberry spread. It helps to soften the spread in the microwave first. Just be careful not to cook it. Stir gently. Spoon 1/4 cup raspberry mixture into 2 parfait glasses. You can also use wine glasses, champagne flutes, or water goblets. Top each with 2 tablespoons of ricotta mixture.
Sprinkle 3 tablespoons cookie crumbs over ricotta mixture. Top each with 2 tablespoons ricotta mixture. Spoon 1/4 cup raspberry mixture over ricotta mixture. Top each parfait with Cool Whip and garnish with a raspberry or two.
Chill at least 2 hours before serving.


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