When the idea for A Season to Dance first occured to me, it was intended to be a stand-alone novel. But two of the secondary characters have other ideas and have demanded their own story. Two other ideas for stand-alone novels that have been waiting in the wings fit nicely as well, thus, the stand-alone novel has become the first in the four-book The Seasons of Northridge series. A Season to Love is the second in the series. 


Cover reveal soon . . .

A Season to Love (Book #2)

Seasons of Northridge

Available Early 2020

A Season to Love


They spent one night together. He can't remember. She can't forget.  


When Tyler Kincaide returned to his hometown of Northridge after fourteen years away, he came with a sizeable bank account and an idea. Three years later, that idea became the highly successful microbrewery, Firehouse Brews, and its sister business, The Firehouse Taproom. 

Kristen McKay never left Northridge, and after seventeen years of hard work, determination, and sacrifice, she had her own growing business, and a vested interest in her community.

Now the two of them find they must work together to convince the town that serving as a feature film location will be more economic boon than life-disrupting aggravation. If they can just get past one little hurdle: Kristen’s apparent bone-deep hostility toward him. 

Will Tyler uncover the reason for Kristen’s animosity, and will Kristen ever forgive him for it? 




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