Grain Bowl Salad

This dish is great warm or cold, and you can add or omit fruits and veggies according to your preferences, and it works well as either a main dish or a side. Some suggestions include chick peas, diced cucumber, white beans, kale, diced pear, orange slices, or grapes.
•    ½ C. each of your two favorite grains (quinoa, barley, farro, etc.)
•    Diced celery
•    Diced apple
•    Craisins
•    Diced carrots
•    Diced avocado
•    Diced (unsweetened) dates
•    Diced, roasted sweet potato
•    Diced, roasted beet (red or golden)
•    Arugula
•    Slivered almonds
•    Favorite balsamic vinaigrette (see my simple recipe)
Cook the grains according to package directions. In the meantime, dice the veggies. Once grains are cooked, combine all ingredients and stir in dressing to taste.
If you prefer to eat the dish cold, allow grains to cool to room temperature before adding the fruits and veggies, then refrigerate as desired.